We Design Passions and Dreams

You are the source of a unique life, so don’t you deserve owning a really unique design? Desire what belongs to you and be the part of the grandeur. Let us design based on your passion and dreams! We design, model and produce as per your wishes!

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Let us design your passion and produce the masterpiece of your dreams

Each Violla jewelry is created with the harmonized unity of colors, forms and unique stones. This is how we create perfect designs with matchless workmanship. Elegant, beautiful and high-quality jewelry can only be produced by precious stone masters with expert knowledge and experience. Since 15th century when Mehmet the Conqueror gathered the world-famous jewelry masters in his palace, the skillful hands of masters have created amazing pieces of art. VIOLLA has always clung onto this experience of craftsmanship and respected this precious hand-workmanship that has produced distinct traces of beauty with each piece.

We Design Unique
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